5 June 2019 - Working visit of the delegation of the Republic of Moldova

A delegation of about 25 persons, representatives of the local public authorities of the Republic of Moldova (specialists in the field of energy efficiency and in the field of water supply), employees from the Regional Development Agencies of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment from the Republic of Moldova and representatives of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) participated in a seminar to present the Regional Operational Program, organized by ADRBI, in collaboration with the City Hall of Sector 3.

The seminar was followed by a visit to the place of implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects, financed by REGIO and having as the beneficiary the City Hall of Sector 3.

Purpose of the study visit:
- A clear understanding of the legal framework regarding public procurement (preferably based on the EU PRAG regulation) and contract management for EU projects.
- Knowledge of the latest technologies and solutions for energy renovation of buildings and / or water supply and sewerage systems.
- Knowledge of best practices for the implementation of infrastructure projects funded from EU funds.
- Knowledge of good practices regarding the monitoring of the public procurement process and the management of contracts by the various actors involved in the implementation of EU projects, which interconnect them.
- Knowledge of good practices for the maintenance of renovated buildings and / or water supply and sewerage systems.
- Relationships established with the relevant institutions involved in Romania in the implementation of projects from EU funds and the public procurement process.

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