General guide

The General Guide represent  a guidance for the projects preparation and for fulfilling correctly the applications by all potential solicitants through Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2014-2020. It is addressed to all potential applicants, regardless of their investment priority, regardless of the call for proposals. The provisions of the guidelines for specific calls for proposals are also mandatory.

MODIFICARE GHID GENERAL - published on 04.10.2017
Order nr. 6302/03.10.2017 – effective from 04.10.2017
Annexes Order 6302 (pdf) /Anexe Ordin 6302 (word)
Formatul Anexei 4 - Graficul de prefinanțare/ rambursare/ plată la contractul de finanțare

MODIFICARE GHID GENERAL - publicat 12.07.2017

Ordinul 3623/12.07.2017 – intra in vigoare la 12.07.2017
General Guide
General Guide (archive) - 12.07.2017


MODIFICARE GHID GENERAL - publicat 13.04.2017
Ordinul 2717/13.04.2017 - intră în vigoare la 13.04.2017

GHID GENERAL - versiunea 13.04.2017

10.8 Funding contract template
Model A Opisul cererii de finantare
Modifications overview


MODIFICARE GHID GENERAL - publicat 23.02.2017
Ordinul 286/15.02.2017 - publicat 23.02.2017 (intra in vigoare la data publicării)
Contract orientativ
Model F Acord de parteneriat
Sinteza modificărilor

10.4 List of regulations in force

10.5 Explanatory list of terms



Ordinul 3170/7.12.2016

GHID GENERAL - arhiva cu anexe - publicat în data de 13 octombrie 2016

Ordinul 2735/13.10. 2016

Sinteza modificărilor la Ghidul General POR 2014-2020

General guide  (version of May 25, 2016)