By means of the new MySMIS system, the potential beneficiaries from Romania will be able to request European funds for the 2014 - 2020 programming period. The application is unique and will be the same for all operational programs. The link will be created and each and every guide and the filling in instructions will also be customized. The content and type of information required will be different. Launch the MySMIS application

The application can also be accessed from the website of the Ministry of European Funds (MEF) -, 2014 MySMIS section. In the same section of the MEF website, relevant supporting documents are published and they are of interest for those who want to test the application or who will later submit funding requests - manuals, tutorials, frequently asked questions. In order to access the application an updated browser is required, and in order to view and electronically sing pdf documents the 11.0.14  Adobe Reader utility or the Adobe Reader DC 15 (2015) minimum version must be installed.

In order to test the application, any potential beneficiary (legal entity) can register within the system only by the legal representative or a proxy thereof, by the compulsory use of its Qualified Digital Certificate for electronic signature of documents. It is only the legal representative (or proxy thereof) of a legal entity who wishes to submit an application that needs the qualified digital certificate. The said person must have the capacity of either legal representative of that institution or have a power of attorney on behalf of the Legal Representative with the view to represent the institution in the relation to the Managing Authorities (MA/IB) for the entity and/or for the project(s) for which funding is requested. A legal entity may register multiple users to fill in the information in the application. Those who contribute to the drafting of the application and, subsequently, to the implementation of the project of a legal entity (e.g. members of the project team, consultants etc.), do not need the digital certificate, but will need to be validated in the application by the legal entity that he/she is working with (more precisely on behalf of the legal representative/proxy thereof).

For the purpose of understanding the steps needed to use this application, please consult the MySMIS manuals available herewith. At the same time, for a better understanding of the directions for use, please watch also the video tutorials below, describing the operation of the new MySMIS system, the beneficiary affiliation and transmission of the application form by means of this electronic system. We would like to remind you that this electronic platform covers several operational programs. However, the Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency acts only as an intermediate body for the Regional Operational Program (REGIO).

Frequently Asked Questions


1. The first tutorial (fictitiously) describes, step-by-step, the  procedure for submitting the funding application for a project under the Operational Program Technical Assistance, but the basic principles are also applicable to funding lines designed for companies or NGOs, within the Regional Operational Program and in the others.

2. The steps that should be taken in the case of an association of EU funds beneficiaries.

3. Submission of the funding application via the 2014 - 2020 MySMIS electronic system.