12 October 2016 - Urban regeneration as a tool in creating sustainable Europe

European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) workshop: Urban regeneration as a tool in creating sustainable Europe

Wednesday 12 October 2016

09:00 - 13:00 Code: URB12B70

Organisers: Regional partnership "EU urban regeneration - sustainable cities for better future" Venue: Art56, Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

The regional partnership consisting of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality (TR), Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (RO), City of Lodz (PL), Lubelskie Voivodeship (PL), Lubuskie Region (PL), City of Maastricht (NL), Pomorskie Region (PL), City of Rijeka (HR) organized an EWRC workshop.

Speakers and chair(s): Mr. Olbrycht Jan (Chair), Mr. Trznadel Marek (Chair), Ms. Cercioglu Ozlem , Mr. Fokke Henrik , Mrs. Ionescu Claudia , Ms. Krzyzanowska-Orlik Anna , Mr. Matesic Miroslav , Mr. Rosicki Wojciech , Mr. Sauter Jacek , Ms. Zajaczkowska Alicja

To be willing to live in a city, you need to understand it and fall in love with it, during the regeneration process our main goal is to make citizens re-love their cities.

Urban regeneration in the European Union is extremely important in context of founding effective solutions by implementing inclusion policies for disadvantaged sections of the cities. It is one of main trends in the actions of urban areas, which enables the social and investment development. Regeneration is not only the work of authorities; it demands also the involvement of the citizens and private entities. Strengthening local small and medium-sized companies and creating good quality jobs are other challenges which should be tackled with the help of EU measures.

How can local and regional authorities contribute to the changes of local dynamic, of investors’, entrepreneurs’ and inhabitants’ perceptions thanks to regeneration strategies? How can regeneration enhance the competiveness of cities and regions, making them places worth to live, to work and to invest?

Target audience:

- EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers

- Authorities managing and evaluating cohesion policy programmes and projects

- Other stakeholders: private companies, financial institutions, European and national associations


For our workshop, please find it by searching the code URB12B70.


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