"One-stop-shop" - all the info in one place

The Association of Regional Development Agencies of Romania - ROREG concluded the collaboration protocol with the Ministry of European Funds, dedicated to establishing a single information and counseling point, in each county, regarding the manner in which national and European funds can be accessed. The protocol was signed by Mrs. Aura RADUCU from the Ministry of European Funds and by Mrs. Luminita MIHAILOV, vicepresident of ROREG and the general manager of the South-East Regional Development Agency.

In order to enforce the protocol, the Regional Development Agencies shall conclude similar collaboration agreements with the Ministry of European Funds, yet customized at individual level depending on the needs identified for each region.

The information on accessing national and European funds shall be supplied by means of a single counseling point called “one-stop-shop”. This single county information and counseling point will operate like a support mechanism for developing project ideas, in what concerns the supply of correct and updated information regarding the funding opportunities from different sources (from national programs or from the European Union funds), as well as in what concerns providing counseling in developing project ideas.

The specialists which shall work in these “one-stop-shops” will be persons that have experience in European funds and/or in collaborating with the business environment so that they would ensure the necessary expertise. They will provide information and consultancy services, yet they will also be present at county level and by organizing dedicated events.

ROREG is the Romanian Association of Regional Development Agencies and its aim is to represent them at national and international level in order to support their institutional development and in order to fulfill their objectives in accordance with law 315/28.06.2004 on regional development in Romania.