European Week of Regions and Cities 2023

ADRBI participates again this year in the European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek), the largest annual forum dedicated to cohesion policy, organized by the European Committee of the Regions and DG Regio - European Commission, held between October 9-12, 2023.

After the special online editions, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the sessions will only take place physically, in Brussels. Representatives of regional and city administrations, management authorities, experts and representatives of the university and business environment, have the opportunity to exchange best practices and knowledge in the field of regional and urban development. In 2023, almost 300 sessions are registered in the form of workshops, participatory/political debates, exhibitions, tastings, regional partnerships, events of the EU institutions. With the motto Thriving Regions, Stronger Europe, #EURegionsWeek 2023 will focus on the following six thematic topics:

- Regions in post-industrial transition
- Retaining talent for regional growth
- Small and medium-sized urban centers that stimulate growth
- Removing barriers to cross-border cooperation
- Changing local energy for security and sustainability
- Promoting social innovation

We invite you to register for the events, after creating a profile account on the  platform, entering the session code or choosing the format, theme, day, or organizer, being a good source for identification of other representative institutions for the public administration. Participation in the events is free, and the participants are responsible for covering travel expenses.


We also invite you to participate in the events organized by ADRBI:

Small and mid-size urban center planning for community involvement - best practices Workshop, on October 12, 2023, 11:30-14:30, held at SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, The Arc hall, in partnership with the Şişli District City Hall from Istanbul and the Măgurele Science Park Association.

The Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 offered a series of opportunities to meet the needs of the communities, but which also strengthened the administrative capacity of the beneficiary institutions, helping them to develop new contacts and good practices. This workshop will offer an exchange of experience regarding strategies and solutions that can be applied in many other regions and cities.

Exhibition stand of the Bucharest-Ilfov Region

The Bucharest-Ilfov Region is the most developed in Romania. It faces many problems in terms of population density, transport, number or cars, pollution, but also enjoys many opportunities due to the largest university center, number of SMEs, central administration, etc. Many projects were made possible through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, accessed mainly by public administrations. At this stand, we will present several REGIO projects through video materials, including one VR 360 movie and promotional materials prepared by the Măgurele Science Park.


The participants could enjoy direct discussions with representatives of European, regional, research institutions, etc. present at the exhibition stands, at workshops and agora-type events, at the plenary sessions, as well as at the cultural-artistic moments supported on the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the EU Council.

#EURegionsWeek remains a space for debate, cooperation, collaboration, exchange of experience between the European, central, regional and local levels, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions encouraging local and regional authorities to involve in future events, in order to be able to convey messages and to find the best solutions for citizens' needs, to promote traditions, customs or geographical indication products.

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